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By default, blogs are displayed using a template (more on both in another post). In most cases, blogs are accessed through a stub file with "clean URLs" enabled. If your server does not support clean URLs you will need to change your Blog settings->URLs selections to "Use params" ... or change hosts.

A stub file defines which blog will be called, and can optionally force other parameters (template, category/categories, date range, display order, others). In the URL of this page "blog2.php" is a a stub file in the installation's root directory.

You should use a stub file even if clean URLs do not work on your server. For example the following URLs all point to the same page: blog #2 displaying posts in the "announcements" category.

Follow up:


When you create a new blog, Quam Plures will create a new stub file for you named "blogNN.php" where NN is the blog's number. You can then rename the file and change the "Relative to baseurl" setting on your Blog settings->URLs tab in the admin interface.

Finally, if you need to do some very specific customizations to your blog, you may want to call your blog through the 'no_template.php' file. On your Global settings->General page select which blog to display, then on that blog's Blog settings->URLs page put the file name in the box for "Relative to baseurl". Or delete the existing index.php file and rename no_template.php to index.php and select "Default blog in index.php".

If you want to integrate a Quam Plures blog into a complex website, you might want to do it by copy/pasting code from no_template.php into a page of your website.

You will find more information in the stub and template files themselves. Open them in a text editor and read the comments in there. Either way, make sure you go to the blogs admin and set the correct access method/URL for your blog. Otherwise, the permalinks will not function properly.

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